Horror Headlines 4/3/08

After Dark has set up all kinds of goodies on the official site for the foreign film Frontier(s), frontiersunrated.com. As you'll notice, they also dropped the extra "E". The film will get a DVD release May 13th after having a very limited arthouse type theatrical release on May 9th.

Based on this trailer for the film "Surveillance," David Lynch's daughter is exactly like her father... only with boobs. Trailer looks pretty sweet too, check it out!

"The Scream" is a web based TV-show starring Melissa Bacelar, which is obviously trying to channel the likes of Joe Bob Briggs and of course, everyone's favorite Hostess with the Mostess, Elvira. How close she comes is up to you. The episodes feature clips, interviews, the lovely host in skimpy outfits, a resident zombie, and much more. What little I was able to view this morning looks very solid. If you go to the link though, I would love if someone could explain to me what the hell is wrong with her eyes on the picture on her splash page. Now that's scary. Oh, and said picture may be borderline NSFW (skeleton hands covering up boobies, no nipples... your call).

Fango has an update on the sequel to "Feast," subtitled "Sloppy Seconds." Just by scanning it I can tell you that they filmed the sequels back to back (it's a trilogy), most of the principle creative team returned, several members of the original cast are back, and the story involves Clu Galager (somehow alive) holing up with a biker chick in a nearby town. I'm pretty much on board for whatever these guys do at this point. They're currently working on wire work and green screen shots, so no release date yet.

This week sees the release of Anchor Bay's "The Cook" onto DVD, a film about sexy sorority sisters whose weekend of sex and debauchery is interrupted by (natch) murders. Expect a review this weekend.

More pics of a dead guy today, and by that I mean there are more leaked pics of Heath Ledger as "The Joker" in "The Dark Knight." Am I the only one creeped out by this?

Hot asian cowgirls in bikinis with swords fighting zombies... that's the synopsis for "ONECHANBARA." I posted artwork for this film a few months back merely because of the synopsis, and today we have a trailer for it . Yup, that's pretty much exactly what I expected... and so much more. Yay.

In Real People News: 

A survey of Florida teens in order to assess the state's "Abstinence Only" sex-ed policy, shows that many thought drinking bleach would prevent AIDS, and Mountain Dew can stop pregnancy. FYI, it won't do those things, but drink enough bleach and it will at least stop you from procreating, which will do the rest of us a major favor... dumbass.

Just cause... One of the lawsuits against "Borat" has been dismissed. This one is by the business man who runs away like a bitch when Borat tries to hug him on the street. No word on how this affects the case of the drunken frat boys who came off looking like the most racist bastards ever, and are somehow now claiming that it wasn't their faults.

On this day in history: 

1996: The Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski is arrested in his Lincoln, Montana cabin. He was caught after his estranged brother read his bizarre manifesto in the paper and correctly identified his brother as the author. He turned him in on the condition that he not be executed, and authorities promptly broke that promise by sentencing him to death shortly after taking him into custody. Today his brother, David, is a staunch anti-corporal punishment activist.

Errol Morris- First Person

Lately I've gotten hooked on a TV series that came out a few years ago called First Person. It was made by Errol Morris, a guy who calls himself a "non-fiction" (as opposed to documentary) filmmaker who's best known for films like The Fog of War and A Brief History of Time and commercials like the Apple ad from a few years ago with the "stoned" girl (see above) as well as famously winning a bet against Werner Herzog that resulted in Herzog eating his own shoe.

Midnight Muenster

Do you love you some Podcasts? You must, you're still here right?

Well lucky you, starting this Sunday I'll be bringing you some more podcast love!

Midnight Muenster will be a weekly podcast starring Myself and my wife Colleen dedicated to direct to video horror features, independent horror features, cult flicks, obscure, and classics.

Look for full episodes every Sunday Night, with updates here on Cinema Fromage.com!

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (REVIEW)

Jack Brooks is a down to earth twenty something, working as a plumber by day and science student by night. Jack’s got some anger issues though; when he was a young boy he watched his family become monster chow to some random creature that stumbled upon their campsite. Since then he’s never been able to forgive himself for being the only one left alive. Cut to the present, he’s feeling lost and aimless and taking college courses only because his girlfriend made him. All of that suddenly changes however when Jack’s science professor uncovers an ancient curse buried in his back yard.

Horror Headlines 4/2/08

Producer Wyck Godfrey has announced that the script for the video game adaptation "Gears of War", based on the popular futuristic third person shooter on Xbox360, is finished and they're ready to attach a director to the project. They're also shooting for a summer 2010 release. Could this actually be a decent videogame adaptation? Guess we'll have to hold out for that director announcement before I start getting my hopes up.

Tim Sullivan ("2001" Maniacs) is readying a flick called "Clowns", which he assures us is not about psychopaths dressed as circus performers. Instead, it creates a mythos that says Clowns are descended from an Ancient race, and are none too happy that their likenesses have been co-opted for children's birthday parties. More details are at the link, but there's no other news at this point since it's still in the idea stage. Sounds pretty wacky to me though.

The comic book "Last Blood" is being adapted into a film by it's creators. It deals with a group of vampires protecting the last people on earth... from ZOMBIES. They're doing so for their own protection, since they need the humans to survive. Scripting is currently under way.

The story floating around from yesterday has been confirmed, that the remake of "C.H.U.D." is being renamed "Urban Decay". Probably a wise move, since the name is still snicker inducing to this day. Thankfully for fans though, it seems that references to "CHUDs" are still in tact in the script. Nice.

Finally today, Aaron from Hororr Hound Magazine sent me this video from this past weekend's convention, featuring a bit of a rubber band war between Tom Savini, Danny Trejo, Ashley Laurence, Chris Sarandon, and pretty much every celebrity on the floor. Considering how much the celebrities at cons usually look like they want to hang themselves, it's nice to actually see them having fun. My favorite moment has to be the terrified look on Ruggero Deodato's face. Who knew the director of one of the world's most screwed up films is afraid of flying rubber bands? So, if you've got a few minutes to waste today, Check out the Horror Hound rubber band war video!

In Real People News: 

A liesurely stroll on the beach, wind in your hair, surf at your feet... and a head in a plastic bag. Guess that kind of ruins the awesomeness of the rest of that stuff.

Apparently, Octopuses are kinky bastards. I always knew there was something weird going on there.

Finally today in the "theoretical birth control" department, a story about a bunch of kids who plotted to violently hurt their teacher. Various kids in the third grade class brought in a steak knife, hand cuffs, and duct tape. The students planned to cover up the windows, smash the teacher over the head to knock her out, cuff her, then plunge the steak knife into her body. Other students were allegedly volunteering to clean up the mess. Good luck with your family planning!

On this day in history: 

1979: A mishap in a secret Soviet biological warfare laboratory at Sverdlovsk results in the release of airborne anthrax spores, killing 66. Livestock fifty kilometers away also die.

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