Horror Headlines 4/10/08

"All the Boys Love Mandy Lane" has had it's release date shifted AGAIN, this time to an undetermined date in August. Some suit somewhere is making a big mistake with this film and at this point, I'll be shocked if we EVER see it in a theater.

Shawnee Smith has been cast in "The Grudge 3", which is already set for a straight to DVD release. Seems like an interesting career move to me, but hey, what do I know. Maybe she's shooting to become the poor man's Sarah Michelle Gellar, in which case this would be the right place to start.

Due to "financial concerns", "Cowboys for Christ", Robin Hardy's long awaited followup to the (original) film "Wicker Man" has stalled. Bummer news for sure, as I think we were all hoping this would wash the taste of Nicholas Cage's version out of our mouths for good.

"Inside" directors talk about their new film and why they left the "Hellraiser" remake. Surprise, surprise, it had something to do with the production's lack of "respect" and changing their original script. Not that that was a hard prediction to make, but I will take the opportunity to pat myself on the back anyways.

In Real People News: 

Two highschool students are in trouble after their teacher found a hitlist that included Chuck Norris' name. I'd say she saved their lives, considering the never-ending pain train they would have experienced if Norris had gotten his hands on them.

There are many ways to get rid of homeless people, chasing after them with a chainsaw seems unorthodox, yet oddly effective all at the same time. And for those who think it's cruel, you've obviously never had to get off the highway in a Florida city... it's like a homeless convention, only there are no celebrities, just people who want your money.

On this day in history: 

1992: Comedian Sam Kinison killed in a car accident.

Apocalypse Mixtape Part I

For me, the horror genre and music are the chocolate and peanut butter of pop culture. People have been telling spooky stories and playing music around campfires from our earliest prehistory and the two have been intertwined from the beginning. In that spirit, I'm starting an ongoing series in this space I call Apocalypse Mixtape where I'll look at some songs that touch on the same themes as the movies this site's dedicated to.

Take on Me indeed.

I've seen this guy's vids before, but by god he's been practicing. And it shows.

(Fyi, this is close to what Eric heard on Sat. morning of Horror Hound weekend while I was taking a leak at 7am)

Box Office Boner - Horton Hears a Who

After months of listening to Jon blab about "THE BOX" on the Podcast, I've taken it upon myself to occasionally go out of my way to see at least one blockbuster a month and report back to the Bloody Good Horror nerd cave about whether or not it in fact deserves its accolades. Stay tuned for more!

Horton Hears a Who

Somewhat Relevant Thematic Tie-Ins:
Book Adaptations

The Skinny:

The False Prophet ep of Tales From the Darkside

Since I live so close to where I work, and go home for lunch every day, I always end up catching random pieces of movies and old TV shows during the afternoons. Yesterday I saw the old 80's Tales from the Darkside episode titled "False Prophet", about a woman, a bus station, and a hilariously "futuristic" fortune telling machine.

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