Horror Headlines 4/2/08

Producer Wyck Godfrey has announced that the script for the video game adaptation "Gears of War", based on the popular futuristic third person shooter on Xbox360, is finished and they're ready to attach a director to the project. They're also shooting for a summer 2010 release. Could this actually be a decent videogame adaptation? Guess we'll have to hold out for that director announcement before I start getting my hopes up.

Tim Sullivan ("2001" Maniacs) is readying a flick called "Clowns", which he assures us is not about psychopaths dressed as circus performers. Instead, it creates a mythos that says Clowns are descended from an Ancient race, and are none too happy that their likenesses have been co-opted for children's birthday parties. More details are at the link, but there's no other news at this point since it's still in the idea stage. Sounds pretty wacky to me though.

The comic book "Last Blood" is being adapted into a film by it's creators. It deals with a group of vampires protecting the last people on earth... from ZOMBIES. They're doing so for their own protection, since they need the humans to survive. Scripting is currently under way.

The story floating around from yesterday has been confirmed, that the remake of "C.H.U.D." is being renamed "Urban Decay". Probably a wise move, since the name is still snicker inducing to this day. Thankfully for fans though, it seems that references to "CHUDs" are still in tact in the script. Nice.

Finally today, Aaron from Hororr Hound Magazine sent me this video from this past weekend's convention, featuring a bit of a rubber band war between Tom Savini, Danny Trejo, Ashley Laurence, Chris Sarandon, and pretty much every celebrity on the floor. Considering how much the celebrities at cons usually look like they want to hang themselves, it's nice to actually see them having fun. My favorite moment has to be the terrified look on Ruggero Deodato's face. Who knew the director of one of the world's most screwed up films is afraid of flying rubber bands? So, if you've got a few minutes to waste today, Check out the Horror Hound rubber band war video!

In Real People News: 

A liesurely stroll on the beach, wind in your hair, surf at your feet... and a head in a plastic bag. Guess that kind of ruins the awesomeness of the rest of that stuff.

Apparently, Octopuses are kinky bastards. I always knew there was something weird going on there.

Finally today in the "theoretical birth control" department, a story about a bunch of kids who plotted to violently hurt their teacher. Various kids in the third grade class brought in a steak knife, hand cuffs, and duct tape. The students planned to cover up the windows, smash the teacher over the head to knock her out, cuff her, then plunge the steak knife into her body. Other students were allegedly volunteering to clean up the mess. Good luck with your family planning!

On this day in history: 

1979: A mishap in a secret Soviet biological warfare laboratory at Sverdlovsk results in the release of airborne anthrax spores, killing 66. Livestock fifty kilometers away also die.

Wrestlemania fire video!

Thanks to site reader Zack for reminding me that if I really wanted to see the video of the Pyro accident at Sunday's Wrestlemania 24, all I had to do was go to Youtube and search "Wrestlemania Pyro Accident". Sometimes I'm just that lazy folks. Anyways, here it is, complete with hilariously inappropriate redneck laughter. No real flesh-charred carnage in either video, but they give you a pretty good idea of what happened.

Ed Sanchez positive about Seventh Moon

Good news last week for fans of Ed Sanchez's. The director, responsible for both "The Blair Witch Project" and "Altered" has almost finished his latest film "Seventh Moon", and a recent screening in front of some VIPs went very well.

"Seventh Moon" is about a honeymooning couple in China who run into supernatural terror during something known as "The Hungry Ghost Festival." The film stars the sweet ladyness that is Amy Smart, which is definitely one check in the win column.

So, Sanchez had this to say regarding the screening:

Horror Headlines 4/1/08

Mick Garris is handing over the reins of the remake to the 1979 Australian vampire flick "Thirst" to Joe Dante (Gremlins), because he's readying himself for another Stephen King Adaptation, "Bag of Bones". For some ungodly reason I've actually seen "Thirst", which is about a race of vampires who essentially use humans as cows, only with blood replacing milk. The film is frigging atrocious, but the concept is great, which means that this one is actually perfect for a remake. Too bad Hollywood isn't going this route with most remakes. More as it comes in.

The viral campaign for "The Dark Knight" is impressive even to me, a person who is increasingly annoyed by these campaigns every day. The latest trick involves cellphones that were handed out to internet scoopers a while back, which are now ringing. Phones are either being called by The Joker, giving clues to a riddle, or Harvey Dent, soliciting your vote for district attorney. There is also a "Dent-Mobile", traveling the country trying to make the case to voters to elect Dent. Is anyone else creeped out by Heath Ledger calling people from beyond the grave? Jesus this film is going to be uncomfortable to watch... and I can't wait!

While sitting in with Night of the Living Podcast this weekend and interviewing Danny Trejo, he dropped the news that Robert Rodriguez will be working on "Machete" as his next project, and that he will in fact be directing. "Machete" is based on his fake "Grindhouse" trailer, which is about a betrayed Federale who decides to take revenge with a really, really big knife.

Senator Entertainment has picked up the North American distro rights to the Guillermo Del Toro produced flick "Splice", about scientists who manage to fuse human and animal DNA to create a beautiful yet dangerous "Chimera" type creature. The film is written and directed by Vincenzo Natali, who horror/sci-fi fans might remember from the very solid Direct to Video flick "Cube" from 2000. I would assume this news means we'll be hearing a release date real soon. I'll keep my ears to the ground. Meanwhile, the Del Toro directed "Hell Boy II" is still on track for it's July 11th release.

A BD scooper claims that Spielberg is contemplating remaking both "Duel" and "Jaws". I've never seen "Duel" so I can't speak on that idea, but I think you can all guess at how much I want to see a redux of "Jaws". At this point, I'm just waiting for the signal from Hollywood that I can stop bending over for remake after remake. I can't really see though from this position, so you'll have to keep your eyes open for me.

Tyler Perry to make a horror film? Okay, nevermind, a "Jaws" remake doesn't sound that bad. Oh, and let's start the pool now for how many times he'll work his name into the title.

In Real People News: 

Fireworks and lights fell onto the crowd Sunday at Wrestlemania in Orlando, Florida. Bonus points for anyone who can point me in the direction of the video. That, or the "Owen Hart incident"... I have to admit I kind of always wanted to see that too.

The son of one of Adolf Hitler's friends and president of Formula One Racing's governing body, is being asked to step down after video of him holding A Nazi style orgy has surfaced. Wait, what? So... many... jokes... to... make. Um... I smell the next "Grindhouse" trailer? I'm still exhausted from this weekend so that will have to do.

On this day in history: 

1793: Unsen volcano erupts, accompanied by several devastating earthquakes. The Japanese island is completely destroyed, killing approximately 53,000 inhabitants.

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