Creature Comforts - What is Art?

I absolute love Creature Comforts. Besides having an irrational boner for (well done) claymation, I really think the personifications in these characters is spot on. The clip that starts at 4:05 seriously had me on the floor.

(Thanks to my homeboy Dan Bruce (Bruce) Boardman for reminding me that such gems exist)

Hack-Off: Best PG-13 Horror Film?

The Bloody Good Horror Crew goes at it on a new topic every Friday afternoon, we call it the "Hack-Off". Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments.

A Few That (Mostly) Flew Under the Radar

As Eric, Mark, or Casey will likely tell you, living in New York City has turned me into one erudite, fancy-pants snob. But if being a fancy man-about-town means I have the chance to see a cinematic marvel like Zombie Strippers on the big screen, then call me Mr. Snazzy.

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (REVIEW)

Tromaville has a new restaurant in town; The American Chicken Bunker. Unfortunately for General Lee Roy, there's quite a few people that are unhappy. First up, the parking lot is filled with protesters against the slaughter of innocent chickens, against corporate chains pushing out mom and pop shops and many more. Second; the residents of the Indian burial ground they built the restaurant on top of.

Earthquake in Indiana!

Yes, you read that right: at 5:40 am (roughly) Indiana was rocked by a 5.2 magnitude Earthquake!

Sure, sure... a lot of you are thinking '' Keep in mind though, this is Indiana. This isn't something that happens here every day!

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