Horror Headlines 4/11/08

I'm a little torn this morning because it's Friday, so I should be happy, but that also means that I have to go see "Prom Night" tonight in anticipation for next week's podcast. Well, you win some and lose some I guess.

Feast your eyes on the teaser trailer for "Quarantine", remake of the Spanish flick "[REC]". The film stars Jennifer Carpenter of "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" fame, and is a first person perspective film regarding some type of breakout at an apartment complex. Thoughts on the trailer? It was alright, but it kind of just made me want to track down the original, which by all accounts is pretty kick-ass.

Check the trailer for "Scar", a new slasher film starring Angela Bettis of "May" and "Toolbox Murders" fame. The flick was shot in 3D, although you obviously don't get any of that in the internet trailer.

Jake Gylenhaal has been offered the lead role in the upcoming "Prince of Persia" adaptation, based on the popular videogame franchise. He hasn't accepted yet, but has apparently been asked if he would be interested. In related news, his sister Maggie has been offered some real estate in my bathing suit area. No word on whether or not she's accepted.

Bloody Disgusting was on the red carpet to interview the stars of "Prom Night" last night at the premiere, and Brittany Snow snubbed them. From the trailer, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't even realize she was in a horror film.

In Real People News: 

Vanilla Ice, aka Rob Van Winkle, lives within a few miles of my house. Like, I could ride my bike there if I wanted. Which is what makes this story about him beating his wife so much more interesting to me. To know that I live that close to white trash is a little disheartening, but it's Vanilla Ice, so there's at least some trainwreck value there.

Why pay 50 dollars for a cup of coffee made with animal shit, when you could do the same thing at McDonalds for like 2 bucks? Sure at McD's it's probably rat shit, and not the dung of some fancy european animal, but when you're drinking shit can you really draw lines like that?

A woman in Salt Lake City committed suicide by jumping from a third floor balcony in a library Thursday. The librarians were pretty bummed, but I would imagine also thankful that the story reminded people that libraries actually exist.

On this day in history: 

2006: Rapper Proof is shot to death at the CCC Club on 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan. He manages to kill Keith Bender Jr. before dying from a gunshot to the head. Proof was a founding member of D-12, a rap supergroup featuring Eminem.

Prom Night (REVIEW)

This "Prom Night" is a remake of the 1980 film of the same name starring Jamie Lee Curtis... only, it isn't really. Our main character Donna is played by up and coming teen movie star Brittany Snow. We learn from an opening flashback that Donna ran into some trouble as a 15 year old piece of jailbait ass, after one of her teachers became a little too obsessed with her. One night a few months after being fired for his indiscretions, he breaks into Donna's home and kills her parents as she watches from the shadows.

InConJunction 2008

Attention SciFi Geeks!

On July 4th weekend, Yours truly will be an 'Also Appearing' Guest (Meaning, I don't get paid) at the InConJunction SciFi con in Indianapolis, IN!

If you're an Indy resident or there abouts, I'll be there pimping for Bloody Good and Cinema Fromage while presenting a panel on Frankenstein: Karloff to DeNiro!

So check it out!

For more info,visit the InConJunction website!


Move your dead bones bones bones....

While I agree with Eric's review of Beyond Re-Animator, I was suprised at no mention of the music video "Move Your Dead Bones" by Dr. Re-Animator. (Edit: He had a screener.)

It's easily the greatest thing to ever come out of the Re-Animator franchise. It's easily the greatest thing to ever come out of mankind in general. I play it on my radio show quite often, but I doubt too many get the reference.

Beware...the J-Screamer!

I could seriously watch two hours of this. Someone get Lionsgate on the horn!!!

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