Pabst Blue...Coffin? (UPDATED WITH PIC)

Death just got a little more whimsical. Although I currently have to place this in the "pics or it didn't happen" category (updated), ABC News reports that apparently an older Illinois man has purchased a PBR themed coffin, and PARTIED OUT OF IT!

No Show This Week

The crew is taking the week off to recharge a bit so in our absence, I thought I'd compile this handy dandy guide to exploring back episodes. It's not all inclusive but it's a great place to start if you're new to the show. So, relax, listen, and enjoy!

Ep 5, The Mist: Our first real roundtable discussion.

Ep 7, Santa's Slay: Schnaars loses his faith in us for the first time.

Horror Headlines 5/5/08

"Iron Man" took in an estimated 100,750,000 dollars at the box office in it's opening weekend, pretty much solidifying Jon Favreau as an A-list director and assuring that Robert Downey Jr. need not go on a coke fueled binge any time soon. I didn't get a chance to see it, but Schnaars said it was "Amazing", and as listeners to our podcast know, that's not a word he bandies about willy nilly. Did you see it this weekend? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Joe Lynch has been confirmed as the director of the adaptation of the "Eco-Horror" novel "The Bridge", written by Craig Spector and John M. Skipp. Apparently the writers are known for throwing in violent and gory imagery to their works, so this actually sounds like a good fit in a weird way.

Finally you can check out the new trailer for "The Dark Knight", without having to fight through the shaky bootleg camera action. I'm pretty sure everything has been said about this film being creepy, strange, awesome, so I'll just leave you to check it out and continue to geek away over it.

Weinstein Co. reportedly wants Darren Lynn Bousman (director of "SAW") to take over the "Hellraiser" remake. You'll recall the original directors (the French fellows behind "Inside") left the project due to "creative differences". As of press time, Bousman is denying the rumors despite the fact that they seem to be coming from several angles. Stay tuned for updates.

In Real People News: 

If you have a 94 year old tenant that you harass on a daily basis, and you think he can't do anything about it, don't forget that it doesn't take that much strength to pull a trigger. This guy found out the hard way.

"Intermittent Explosive Disorder" may be a fancy word for beating a woman, but it apparently won't get you out of a conviction in Boston, even if your family is rich. Also, great pic of guys mug during sentencing. Whaaaaaaa???

On this day in history: 

1925: High school teacher John T. Scopes is arrested for teaching evolution by authorities in Dayton, Tennessee, as part of a publicity stunt to make the town famous. Since Scopes admitted teaching the theory, he was found guilty, and the law remained on the books in the state until 1967.

Friday afternoon news roundup

As usual, a few interesting stories have popped up Friday afternoon that warranted mention here. So, feast on them below, and hope you guys have a good weekend. "Iron Man" opens everywhere in theaters today, so prepare to get your geek on!

Peter Cushing: Horror Icon

There will be a lot of people out there that respond with '...uh...who?' when I mention the name Peter Cushing. Others, the truly hard core will say 'Oh yah, Grand Moff Tarkin from "Star Wars". Finally, there will be a third group out there who's first response will be something along the lines of "Hells yes, I love Peter Cushing!", who will then begin to fill you in on the storied film history of this Hammer Films stalwart who provided thrills and chills as Dr. Frankenstein, Van Helsing, Sherlock Holmes, as well as many others. Just like I'm going to do right now!

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