Apocalypse Mixtape Part V: A New Beginning

In Apocalypse Mixtape we search out songs with themes that fit into the horror genre.

On today's very special episode of Apocalypse Mixtape, instead of single songs, we're going to look at some album-length horror based music.

Album: Fantomas - The Director's Cut
Song: Rosemary's Baby

Tropic Thunder (Black Robert Downey Jr. is My Hero)

After seeing "Iron Man" a few weeks back, this has officially become my "summer of the Robert Downey Jr. man-crush". So you can imagine my excitement when I first saw the trailer for "Tropic Thunder".

The film centers on three movie stars, played by Downey, Ben Stiller and Jack Black, who are filming a war movie in Vietnam when things go hilariously (and offensively) awry, turning the shoot into a life and death situation. Oh, and did I mention that Downey has had surgery to make himself black so he can play the grizzled black Commander? Well, now I have.

Loch Ness Terror (REVIEW)

What would be the most traumatic way to watch your father die? Frail and cancer ridden in a dingy nursing home? Shot by Crips initiating a new member in a “wrong-place / wrong-time” convenience store robbery? Decapitated by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists in a video posted on YouTube? As bad as all those things are—and they are all bad—the movie “Loch Ness Terror” thinks that the worst way would be to see dad chomped to death by an angry Loch Ness Monster whilst trying to steal her eggs.

Film Geek, by the numbers.

While talking with Eric, head geek here at BGH this weekend I came to realize I may be worse off than I thought as far as film nerdiness goes.

In the spirit of Schnaars and his box, here's some numbers to crunch.

From January 1st to May 19th, I have officially watched 113 movies to date this year.

Of these, 67 were horror movies; 46 Were not.

May has been the slowest month of the year with 11 movies watched.

Bill O'Reilly Freakout - REMIX!

These days, calling Bill-O a hypocrite, blowhard, idiot or buffoon is akin to calling salt white (enough for the people of WV to vote for), but that still doesn't make this little SNAFU of his unfunny. I seriously think he had diaper rash this day or something because I can't imagine any normal human being under normal circumstances losing his or her cool this much about a teleprompter. After you've soaked in the first video, wrap your brain around the internet's power to turn peoples meltdowns into catchy dance fodder below...

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