King: "Go Small for Big Scares"

When he that is nameth Stephen King, speaketh unto us about that which is horrifying... well, we should probably listen. I mean, the man has written some pretty scary books, amirite?

Scare Tactics Season 3

Last night saw the relaunch of SciFi Channel's "Scare Tactics". Ditching the old host, Shannon Doherty, they're now back with non other than Tracy Morgan!

The basic formula has not changed at all: People submit their friends to a cruel joke, Tracy Morgan makes quips between skits. Pretty basic. As "Candid Camera" has proved in the past though, messing with people can some times be quite a bit of fun to watch. "Scare Tactics" season 3 is no exception!

Horror Headlines 7/10/08

The 5th trailer for "The Dark Knight"? Okay, this is getting out of hand people. There won't be any movie left to see in the theater!

Darren Aronofsky's name is being thrown around as a possible candidate to direct the "Robocop" remake, which is apparently being slated for some time in 2010. No word on if this means Robocop will go "ass to ass" with his arch nemesis... but one would have to assume.

A North Carolina man loves "Halloween" so much, that he's building himself an exact replica of the Myers house to live in. I've got to admire his moxy, but this seems like a bit much to me, no?

Details on "Jeepers Creepers III: Cathedral" (first off, that's the official title). Here's the breakdown. It stars Gina Phillips, supposedly 23 years older and with a teenage son. The beginning will be a prologue in the old West... oh, and it will suck donkey balls. Okay so that last part was my own prediction, but have you seen the second one? I can't be that far off.

In Real People News: 

Two Wisconsin men are being charged with Necrophilia, after the state had to amend it's laws which did not previously prohibit the act. At this point, with the internet, we should just make laws about having sex with ANYTHING that's not human (or alive). Because let's face it, if it has a hole, some dude has stuck his wang in it at one point or another.

You know it had to happen eventually, two grannies use their Hovearounds to joust in the supermarket. Greatest. Story. Ever.

On this day in history: 

1972: A herd of angry, startled elephants emerges from India's Chandka Forest, and tramples five villages, killing 24 people.

Fear Itself Sucks

Yeah! You like that title? Feel the fire!

I'm going to cut Stuart Gordon's episode, Eater, a little slack because it was better than the four previous episodes. Plus, I'm a fan. I even liked his Dreams in the Witch House adaptation for Masters of Horror. Like Masters of Horror, though, Fear Itself more or less lived up to my expectations and I have a few thoughts about how they might make it better.

The latest theatrical trailer for the first person POV "Quarantine"

The theatrical trailer for "Quarantine" is haunting me. It keeps popping up as if to mock me. In my never ending quest to hate on all remakes without question (and be cynical in general), I MUST have negative feelings for this remake of "[REC]". There's also that whole first person zombie debacle that shall remain nameless. It may have soured me forever! Here's my "Quarantine" problem, I can't find a valid reason to hate it!

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