Horror Headlines 7/24/08

First poster for Diablo Cody's "Jennifer's Body", starring Megan Fox, and I must say that I like it. You can't go wrong with Fox's mouth... ever. The film is about a cheerleader who gets possessed and starts seducing the school's boys in order to kill them.

M. Night Shyamalan has struck a deal to write and produce a handful of movies, but not direct. Genius, take away the one thing he does well. I can't see what could possibly go wrong here.

A gaggle of horror directors make COMEDY short films that will be available exclusively on XBOX Live. I can't make any more sense of this story than you can, but color me intrigued.

The teaser trailer didn't do much for me and I'm pretty pissed they did away with the metal suit, but these posters for "The Day The Earth Stood Still" are decent enough. The Keanu Reeves starring remake gets released December 12th, 2008.

Paramount and MTV will be remaking "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". No matter what they do, I'm sure the film won't be able to equal the confusion I had when watching this for the first time as a 13 year old. Hey, it had "horror" in the title and my mother didn't warn me, so I blame it on her. That said, I actually love the flick so this news is a bummer.

In Real People News: 

The fact that the pantyhose bandit is creeping people in Massachusetts out isn't a surprise, because it creeped me out just reading about it. What did this guy's mother do to him anyways?

London Fightclub uploading videos to Youtube. Wait a minute... isn't there some type of rule against that?

And for posterity's sake, all Christian Bale did was yell at his mom and sister after she asked him for 200 grand to raise her bastard children. Now that those facts have come out, she's lucky Batman didn't knock her the fuck out.

On this day in history: 

1999: Former Guns N' Roses guitarist "Slash" is arrested in West Hollywood for allegedly beating his girlfriend at the Le Parc Hotel five days prior.

Can A Nightmare On Elm Street work without Englund?

I'll come clean right off the bat. In the war of the slasher franchises, I was never really a Freddy fan. I'm actually very pro-hockey mask and I'll tell you what turned me off to Nightmare: The quips. I like the first Nightmare On Elm Street. By 1984, slashers were very tired. Halloween and Friday the 13th created an indie movie boom town of slasher movies and it didn't take long for the concept to run out of gas so it was nice to see Wes Craven come along and kick it in the ass with something genuinely original. The glove helped a lot, too. But the sequels were a huge turnoff for me.

Prom Night (REVIEW)

For most people, going to the prom is a pretty straight forward rite of passage. You pick up your date, cart her to the prom, eat dinner, dance, and if you're lucky you might get some action later on. For others, like the kids in the seminal 80's slasher "Prom Night", it seems to be about choreographed Disco dances, unibrows, and being slaughtered in an act of unholy revenge.

Midnight Muenster Episode 8

It's time again for a new episode of my podcast side project, Midnight Muenster!

We hit Episode 8 with a big show, and a big theme! It's summertime, and in honor of my own time as a camp councelor this week we tackle 3 camp classics! 1987's Cheerleader Camp, 1988's Sleepaway Camp 2, and 1989's Sleepaway Camp 3!

We now have Midnight Muenster forums at www.popsyndicate.com! Be sure to check them out! http://www.popsyndicate.com/forums/viewforum/88/

You can also give us your feedback via email at cinemafromage@gmail.com or by phone at 206-339-9459! We want to hear from you!

When I said no more zombies...

I didn't mean this! My sickness with the zombie subgenre can be cured by creative puppetry, so consider me a hypocrite!

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