Horror Headlines 8/8/08

Don't forget, our Bloody Good T-shirt contest ends tonight at midnight! If you want to get your entries in, make sure to do it asap. So, let's get on with your Horror Headlines for Friday, 8/8/08.

Shawnee Smith will be in "Saw V", only she's not really sure how. I assume that means flashback footage.

BJ Novak of "The Office" is the next name to join Quentin Tarrantino's "Inglorious Bastards", next to Eli Roth. This move is following in Quentin's apparent plan to cast only Jewish actors in the roles. I read this as meaning that they'll be doing really offensive things, so he wanted to make sure that they were "kosher" so to speak. Also, Simon Pegg is reported to be in talks to play a British Commander.

Weenie Roast Massacre is today's award winner for Indie film I'm not interested in but gets mentioned because of it's awesome name. That is all.

Ed Sanchez ("Blair Witch Project") will be premiering his new film "Seventh Moon" at FANTASTIC FEST in Austin, Texas on Saturday September 20, at 10 pm. The film is his followup to "Altered", his small scale alien invasion flick from a few years back. If you're in the Austin area, make sure to be there! (PS - The image above is from "Seventh Moon's" poster, which kind of makes me want to pee my pants a little.)

In Real People News: 

I'm not totally sure, but it sounds like this Bishop was attacked by Trolls. Sorry, but that's all the sense I could make out of the article.

Apparently, there were cannibals in New Zealand until the mid 1800's. See, they thought the biggest humiliation they could perpetrate on their enemy was to cut them up and eat them, because eventually they would turn them to shit (which of course, is the ultimate insult). I think this is the way American rappers should settle beefs, it would certainly cut down on all this "East Coast vs West Coast" nonsense, now wouldn't it.

A stretch of highway in Oregon contains about 200-300 bottles of human urine, reported to have been tossed out of vehicles by truck drivers. Does that officially make Oregon part of the "Piss-Belt"? I'll start the petition now.

On this day in history: 

1973: Elmer Wayne Henley confesses to killing his partner and to the the sadistic murders of 27 teenage boys beginning in 1970. Following Henley's instructions, police dig up 27 bodies before calling off the search. This beat Juan Corona's record of 25 victims.

Ed Sanchez Debuts "Seventh Moon" at Fantastic Fest

Direct from Eduardo Sanchez himself, word comes that the director of "Blair Witch Project" and "Altered" is ready to unleash his next horror flick on the world:

The time has come to unleash this bad-boy on the world! No, not that bad-boy, silly! The new film!

SEVENTH MOON will be premiering at FANTASTIC FEST in Austin, Texas, on Saturday night, September 20, at 10 pm. Be there or be square.

For the full story, check out Ed's Haxan Film site!

Birthday Wishes From Uwe Boll

After sending out our Birthday Press Release on Monday, we got the following response back from the seminal director of our generation, Mr. Uwe Boll:

bloodygoodhorror is a solid and interesting webside with a lot of crazy guys working on it all the best and happy celebration

Splatterhouse on XB360/PS3!

In searching for pictures of the original "Splatterhouse" video game to go with a blog post begging for a modern revamp of the series, I stumbled on something that many horror and video game nerds have known for some time: IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Granted, I've only played the "Splatterhouse" games on an emulator, but I was always fascinated with the featuring Jason-esque protagonist in ultraviolent (for the time) 2d beat-em-up mayhem. I would have been happy with a re-skinning for XBox Live Arcade, but this is something totally different and exciting!

Horror Headlines 8/7/08

More "Underworld 3" pics. Controversial quote of the day: Rhona Mitra is hotter than Kate Beckinsale... stick that in your pipe and smoke it. (link fixed)

"Return to Sleepaway Camp" DVD cover art, only 5 years too late! Man I can't wait to get my hands on a review copy of this movie, only not for the reasons you might think.

I don't like to report on every little Indie feature because let's face it, most of them aren't worth the time. I have to give props to the makers of "The Lan Party Massacre" though. They sure know how to name a movie. Teaser trailer at the link.

The official site for "Repo: A Genetic Opera" has gotten a total makeover. Unfortunately they didn't CGI out Paris Hilton and her awful singing/acting, but it's still pretty cool nonetheless.

In Real People News: 

Shocker. The alleged "Montauk Monster", has disappeared. It was stolen out of the backyard of the guy who found the monster, where it's been decomposing for about a week now. Wait, what?

Man asks for drink of water during autopsy. The kicker? It was his own. I would love to have seen the look on the doctor's face.

Sexual harrassment case thrown out of Russian court. The reason? According to the Judge, "if we had no sexual harrassment we would have no children". Oooooookay then.

On this day in history: 

1960: Film and television actor David Duchovny is born in New York City.

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