Book Vs Television: The Strain S1:E11 The Third Rail

Book Vs Television: The Strain S1:E11 The Third Rail


Well here we are again, having patiently waited all week for an episode that would finally spring the series into action and once again let down.

Album Review: Overcharge - Accelerate

Something that has always bothered me about heavy music is how often the word 'fast' is used not as a description, but as praise. Somehow, speed became not just a facet of music, but something that was imbued with its own almost spiritual power. Thrash was created when bands wanted to play faster than anything they had heard, and even today mediocre albums are often criticized for 'being too slow'. This has always struck me as odd, since the words 'fast' and 'slow' say absolutely nothing about the actual quality of the musical ideas in the songs.

Honeymoon (REVIEW)

Sometimes I wonder if there is a common milestone in life that hasn't had a horror film made about it. If I were a more superstitious type, I'd probably never celebrate a big occasion for fear that something would go awry. "Honeymoon" is a film that reads like any other such occasion-ruiner, but manages to deliver in ways that I didn't expect.

Album Review: Iron Reagan - "The Tyranny Of Will"

 Kyle Reese: What day is it? The date!

Cop in Alley: 12th... May... Thursday...

Kyle Reese: WHAT YEAR?

- The Terminator (1984)

It's true, the year is 2014 but it could just as easily been September in the mid to late '80s. The U.S. is having disagreements with Russia, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are hot and "The Tyranny Of Will", the new album from Iron Reagan, is right in line with the hardcore/thrash scene of that era. Heck, just invoking Reagan name turns the clock back a couple of decades.

Fantastic Fest: TUSK (REVIEW)

If you would have told me that Kevin Smith (he of Clerks and Smodcast fame) would reinvent himself as one of the better genre film directors after a series of missteps I would have laughed in your face. Yet he has followed up the effective thriller Red State with the shockingly moving full on body horror film Tusk. It's a bizarre movie that admittedly owes a debt to the success of The Human Centipede. Yet Smith reaches for something more than shock for shock's sake, and while the film stumbles with some tonal third act miscues, it's an overall recommend.

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